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So far I have written 165,318 words, or 659,846 characters in 162 journal entries. Pooooor keyboard...

The Archives

August 18, 2003 This isnt an entry.

There arent going to be any updates to my journal for a while. The last big update Im doing is adding all the journals since the 24th. I am still writing a journal for every day, but they are no longer going to be public. Maybe some day I will start making them public again... I probably will, but not anytime soon.
Which kinda sucks for anyone who enjoyed reading them... becuase these would have been really interesting reads.
The Archives will remain.

Some interesting facts:
I wrote a journal entry for every day from 03/07/03 to 08/11/03, that's five months and three days.
Thats 162 entrys at an average of 1020.481 words for a total of 165,316 words with an average of 3.991 letters per word for a total of 659,846 charcaters.

If I typed at 50 WPM, that is 3306 mintues or 55 hours or 2.3 days of pure typing. Not to mention the fact that I didnt type that fast becuase there was a lot of thinking. The average entry probably took an hour and a half, which means 14580 mintues or 243 hours or 10 days of writing journals.

So if you read my journals at 120 Words per Minute it would take you 1377 minutes or 22.9 hours to read them all.

In all that writing I said the following words so many times:
I - 11,669
She - 2028
me - 1932
think - 682
becuase - 467
Allison - 371
Allie - 41
Kendra - 298
Alex - 116
Jessica - 88
Dad - 292
Mom - 278
good - 457
bad - 166
happy - 169
sad - 103
sex - 61