Welcome to my Journal archives. Click on the dates you want to read and enjoy!

The Week of 3/7/03 to 3/9/03. Started to write the Journals.
The Week of 3/10/03 to 3/17/03. Pretty good week, then Allison told me she still liked me. That sucked.
The Week of 3/17/03 to 3/23/03. Started getting over Allison, and interviewed holocaust survivor.
The Week of 3/24/03 to 3/30/03. Did the usual stuff, got sad over girls, got to know Diana, and pulled weeds.
The Week of 3/31/03 to 4/6/03. Allison fooled me into thinking I was going to get some. Had my birthday, went to LA.
The Week of 4/7/03 to 4/13/03. Crazy guy ran me off road. Zach came, lost camera. I've started really liking Kendra. Finished Ender's game.
The Week of 4/14/03 to 4/20/03. In love with Kendra now. Pesach and Spring Break started. Got to hang out with Zach.
The Week of 4/21/03 to 4/27/03. Got Sick. Saw Pulp Fiction. Went To Movies With Allison. Went to Sacramento with Holocuast people. Went to LAN party.
The Week of 4/28/03 to 5/4/03. Told Kendra how much I liked her. Allie broke up with boyfriend. Started Exercising. Saw X-men2.
The Week of 5/5/03 to 5/11/03. I loved Kendra a lot, Y&G reunion, got to visit Allison at Ihop, and went to Leah's Prom.
The Week of 5/12/03 to 5/18/03. Had my prom, went to Zach's house, saw Matrix Reloaded, and had testing all week.
The Week of 5/19/03 to 5/25/03. What an emotional week! Had my mom's birthday (with famous Ikea incident)
The Week of 5/26/03 to 6/1/03. I took a very cool walk. Other than that not much.
The Week of 6/2/03 to 6/9/03. Had very odd morning. Took SATs. Spent the night at Leah's. Oh, and started liking Alli more and realized she didnt like me.
The Week of 6/9/03 to 6/15/03. School is nearing a close, Najia sat on my lap: started realizing she liked me.
The Week of 6/16/03 to 6/22/03. Thought I might Kiss Najia, Last day of school, swam at Brett's, Got Harry Potter Book 5, and saw Rocky Horror
The Week of 6/23/03 to 6/29/03. Brett Got mad at me, went to Lisa's, went to Alex's, Najia gave me 'just friends' email, then I stopped talking to people
The Week of 6/30/03 to 7/6/03. Started talking to people, hung out with Alex, saw Terminator 3.
The Week of 7/7/03 to 7/13/03. Worked on room, Saw some movies including Pirates of The Caribean, Kevin told me he's gay, went to warped tour, bought desk
The Week of 7/14/03 to 7/20/03. Got computer back up, new Najia email, In Flames Concert, got blonde, Aids Walk. Alex is awesome.
The Week of 7/21/03 to 7/27/03. Worked on site, had fun with Alex, MMZ TA5, and made it to DisneyWorld
The Week of 7/28/03 to 8/3/03. Spent time in Disney World, started cruise
The Week of 8/4/03 to 8/10/03. Had fun on cruise and made it back home.
The Week of 8/11/03 to 8/12/03. Fun with Alex, then myself, and then the journals mysteriously end