4/8/03 What a day, you should've stayed home shootin' the breeze all day, you should think next time before you start to play, I wonder what will happen today.

I'm so f0cking tired. I'm going to attempt to remember everything of significance that's happened today.

Math was... damnit. I can't remember what happened in math. We did some shiate. Ms. Yu is f0cking clueless. She needed to run and get some papers to be back before her next class so she let us go early. She said it was OK because it was only a couple of seconds. More like five minutes, bitch.

Spanish was... fun? No. More stupid shiate. Same shiate. I've done this shiate before. F0ck this shiate!

English wasn't too bad. I feel asleep near the end. Mr. Holiday was talking about this educational computer game the school recieved a grant for ($200K). It improved the average students English score on the standarizing tests by 30 points of something. It's crap - I know it. He told us the test we took last Friday was to determine where we start with the game. I bet I'm going be one of the furthest starting in the game. Ouch... now I sound like an ass. I'm not really smart, everyone else is just stupid.

U.S. History was craptacular. We debated but it's no fun when everyone agress with you. Lauren is to f0cking stubborn and it pisses me off. There's no f0cking way we'd do some of the shiate we'd suggest! That's right! Let's f0cking start WWIII! Sounds like a great f0cking idea! What pisses me off is that Ms. Seabury said that there's a good chance there weren't any nukes in Cuba! WTF were were scared of? Shiate!

French club sucked. Jackie was talking to us be we didn't care. I played Jaime some MTG. I took down Keeper, HARD. That was pretty cool. I had to Donate two Illusions because of his damned Zuran Orb.

Bio was boring too. My favorite real class. Damnit. We have some homework due Thursday. It's two past IB tests. I'll do them tomorrow. I'm too tired tonight.

Programming was shiate, too. I just cruised eM, gameFAQS, and check my email. Near the end Steph and Mel came to my computer. I started typing random things into google like "Mel sucks". I tried a few different names. Then I tried "Mel cock". The results were hilarious.

After school I had to meet Vy and the group in the bank. We had to buy tickets for Prom. I wished they'd given me some friggin time. As it is now. Vy bought her own ticket and I have to pay Hang back for buying mine. That's not f0cking cool. I wanted to buy the tickets for her. I want to do everything for her.

I played Danny a couple of games using his Gobbo Sligh. I've come to the conclusion that it's not the deck that makes a player - but how he plays it. Out of the 4 games, he won 3. Good job, Danny.

I escourted Vy to badmitton practice. There was some confusion but since the coach wasn't there we hooked up with Uyen and Hang to wait with Eric. Vy sat in my lap and my mp3 player got in the way. I took it out and placed it on the cement, face down. Uyen did some weird shaite and I braced for impact. My hand landed on the mp3 player and it made a noise. I looked at it - it's scratched! F0ck! I was really pissed off. Until I used it again, I felt like it was nothing. It's back on my good side again.

Everyone eventually did go to badmitton practice. I was feeling crappy. I walked over to tennis practice. Steve-o and Asnavi were playing Shafi and Mustafa(sp). That was pretty boring so I watch the softball game for a bit. Damn, the away team was horrible. I could've done better playing by myself. Pitching and fielding sucked. Too many groundouts resulted in doubles. It was that bad.

I got bored of that pretty quick and went back to badmitton practice. I sat on the bench and Vy kept trying to communicate with me while she played. I was being stupid/asshole and didn't really say anything back. I was tired and in a bad mood. It was hot so I went outside. Zooey called at me from the pool so I had a seat on the pool deck. I got splashed a bit - it felt good. When Vy came out she waved at me and walked away really fast. I knew she was going home but why didn't she wait for me? I ran and yelled for her to wait for me while I grabbed my stuff. I didn't catch up to her until I she was on the other side of the tunnel. She was tired and her nose was bothering her. Whe we got to 21st St. She saw a catipillar on the ground and it freaked her out. I hoped I could show her that it's harless but she just ran away from me. This didn't help my mood. She was acting strang the entire time. I finally dropped the catipillar on accident (I wanted to keep it...) but I wanted to catch up with her again. She was acting very strange and I didn't like it. She was saying things like she didn't want to go to school anymore and if I wanted to see her I'd have to go to her house. When we got to her house I said goodbye and everything. I got maybe 10 feet from her house and the garage door opened. I knew she couldn't have opened it yet but I kept looking over my shoulder. Then her dad pulls up! Shiate! That was so close. We were almost cought. That would have been the worst times.

Hmm... home is strange. I think I'm going to go to sleep without doing homework. It's 6:23 now. I'm so tired. I can't do anything. I didn't even want to write all this but I knew I'd forget it if I tried at another time. *sigh*

I think I need to something humerous in the entry. Hmm... another post by Duncan Angelfire should be perfect. Let me see what I have ready. Ooooh... I like this one:

OH...this is NOT for the faint of heart. It's also extremely dirty. So, I'll start now. My friend was telling me of an "experiment" he was trying. He cut a banana, with a knife, and took out the inside, leaving the peel as a hollow tube. He then put the peel into the microwave for a few seconds, to get it all warm and moist. My friend then proceeded to use the warm, moist peel as an aid for masturbation. He said it was great and his area smelled like banana for a while.
...what some people will think of for a good f0ck, eyh? I haven't tried this, yet...I'm still struggling with the thought of defiling fruits.

Alright, that's enough for now. I need to do stuff... like sleep.

Catch ya on the flip side.

Brett's Journal
4/7/03 A Very Special Day

*eats Lucky Charms*
Mmm... Lucky Charms.

Was that random enough? Screw you!

Math wasn't a complete bore. The work was extremely easy and I finnished almost all of the homework in class. We also don't need our books this week. Woot!

Spanish was... I can't remember Spanish. Hmm... I got the test from last week back. My score was 28/34. That's good times, right? Hells yeah. I honestly can't remember what else we did. *thinks* Oh... we just went over the vocab... all period. Damn that class. It was boring.

We had wet another substitute in English. No friggin way. Mr. Holiday has gone the entire year without missing a day until now... and he misses two! Woot! We took two more practice tests for Golded State. One is supposed to take 30 minutes and the other 20 minutes. I finnished both in 20 minutes. *yawn*

U.S. History was boring like a... a... fox? WTF? *slap* We took notes and are doing this stupid debate in class. I don't know why it's called a debate, though. You just have to stand up once to give your view of the situation. No actual debating. I wish I could stand up as much as I wanted to say why I think everyone elses ideas wouldn't work. What fucking sense does it make to launch an air strike on Cuba (during the Cuba Missle Crisis)? Or how about we invade Cuba. Great fucking idea! Morons.

I was stupid at lunch. I completely forgot about Y-Achievers and went to the table. Steve-o eventually came to get me. I was 18 minutes late. There wasn't a real meeting. Julie had this game going - she asks and question and you move to one side if you support, the middle if you're unsure, and the opposite side if you're against. The first question was "Should men pay for dates?" or something like that. I should've disagreed because if women want equailty they should pay too. I agreed... ha. Next question was "If parents are divored, should the mother should gain control of the child?" Like hell! What if the mother is a cruel, mean, horrible, nasty, son of a bitch? Yeah, you heard me - son of a bitch. Next question was "Should people who sell drugs to minors be given a mandatory life sentence?" LIKE HELL. Murders and rapists get off lighter than that! The minimum for murder is 20 years if I'm not mistaken. That's BS!

Bio was boring. We had a sub. He was the weirdest looking guy. Reminded me of a mole. That's it, a mole person. People like him don't get respect from students and shouldn't be teachers. We were watching a movie on human ancestors. There was a lot of talk about beads and shiate. I was talking to Thu via text messaging but she stop responding. She wanted my headphones so she could use my new toy (the mp3 player). I never gave them to her. Meh.... it's my toy.

Programming was... "eh". The Vot lectured us but it didn't take the whole period. I got some time to check my email (8 porn, 1 moderation dealy). I also listened to some music. Actually, Mel listened to most of the music. I also showed her the Harlequin Fetus. Ha ha ha... I'm such a bastard. That wasn't cool of me. If you really want to know what the Harlequin Fetus is, I might post something about it in another entry (I already wrote up the HTML for it).

One thing I haven't mentioned yet - today marks 6 months with Vy! These have been the greatest six months of my life. I couldn't think of anyone I would rather spend them with! I love you Vy!

After school I subjected her to "Mope" by The Bloodhound Gang. If you haven't heard the song, you should sometime in your life. It's not a great song, but it'll make you laugh (unless you're a tight ass [you know you are] or you think the topic of drugs shouldn't be discussed in todays society). Prick! So, we walked to my house. I felt so good. She had gotten 2 hours sleep last night, so I wrapped myself around her and we slept. Actually, she did most of the sleeping. I wasn't too tired but I dozed off a couple of times. We slept for around a hour. When we woke up it was obvious she was still sleepy but she refused to go back to sleep. Around the time she was going to leave, I became very sad and nearly cried. I was feeling so good I didn't want her to go away. She said "If it's this hard for me to leave now, how am I going to go to college?" She said she'd take a year off. Like hell - she's not going to put her life on hold for me. I can't let her do that. Then she started crying. I held her for a long time. I didn't want to let go. She ended up staying for another 30 minutes.

Hmm... so then I came home. I went inside and grabbed a bowl of Lucky Charms, turned on my computer, and started typing. Maybe I should do homework now... eh.. maybe. Damn daylight savings time is playing a bad joke. It doesn't look 7PM outside! You f0cking farmers! We don't need your damned produce! Go to hells!

Ha... I call myself apathetic.=P

I think I'll leave you with this:

I was whacking it in the dark when both my parents came home and were yelling for me to help them with groceries. And I didn't have any pants or undies on and I was being frantic and they opened the door as I jumped into my bed and under my covers. then my mom came over and kissed my head and was patting me on the back and told me to get up, but I wouldn't so she started pulling on the covers and I'm like LEAVE ME ALONE, B|TCH! And she wouldn't and I made this all up, so I'm gonna stop now.

Catch ya on the flip side!


What's this? More journal? Appears so. I checked out eM and I couldn't help but post this picture. It's so damn funny to me. If you look at it and don't get it you probly don't play MTG.

That's really all I have to add to this. I should get some homework done, but... eh. I'm such a lazy f0ck.

Brett's Journal
4/6/03 You don't know what it's like to be dead inside

I can't get enough music. Today I DLed some more tracks by Sevendust and Soilwork. Sevendust is pretty good. They've got the drummer and guitarist singing as well as the vocalist.

Yesterday I got a got a card from the site I moderate, EssentialMagic. I've been moderating on the site for around 6 months (I think). I like the forums on eM because they're not strict. You're not going to get moderated for censor bypassing. Anywho, I can feel there's a hardtop in the envelope. I know there are cards inside and I want to know what they are now. Damn. I'll resist. They gave me a great Christmas present, a shiny Mobilization. Aren't they great guys?

Holy shiate, some weirdo just IMed me. Check out this brief convo I had with him/her:
truerussian558: i love you
mononoke86: ...
mononoke86: good times?
truerussian558: rgr daty
mononoke86: eh?
truerussian558: yea man fuck me
mononoke86: some other time
truerussian558: no fucker
mononoke86: sorry, I'm busy
truerussian558: stfu
truerussian558 signed off at 6:12:54 PM.
That was weird.

So, I feel like doing something productive today. Maybe I could... aww fuck it. I'm just going to sit in front of the computer like I do every weekend. Hmm... actual human contact might not be a bad idea.

My Nomad Jukebox Zen has 16061MB of free space. I have 1002 tracks on it (some of dublicates... gotta find and fix them). This thing is the coolest birthday present I've ever recieved.

I think my journal title is too big. I'm going to make a new one later. Maybe I should make it cool looking at stuff. I made the current one in two minutes. Hmm... maybe 3D art shiate. That would be lame. Meh... ahhhhhhhh. I feel funny.

Headstrong kicks ass. I'm listening to "State".

I stayed up on AIM until 1 hoping Vy would sign on so I could talk to her. I even had a dream I woke up to talk to her. I love her so much.

Hmm... I think Uyen should start her own journal just so I can tell her how much it sucks. I could tell her that it's not cool because her friend doesn't host it for free on their privite site. No sticking angelfire/lycos/freehost Bull.

Ranting is fun. Maybe I should write a rant for the Rant section of TAC. Nah, anything I have to say can go here.

What the hell is this German rock shiate? "Du Hast"? If only I understood the lyrics, 'cause the guitars are fucking awesome.

I hope Adam was able to use his new camera. I want to see what the thing can do. Real image quality for TAC!

That's enough for now. I might write again later if I'm up to it.

For now, catch ya on the flip side.

Does anyone actually read this? If so, IM me on AIM @ mononoke86
4/4/03 Pull the tape worm out of your ass hey!

When I [really] got home from school on Friday the first thing I did when I got home was pester my mom about my early birthday present. It went a little like this:
"Did it come?"
"I didn't check."
"Where would it be if it came?
"You might want to check under the bed."
lol. I opened the plain brown box to find exactly what I ordered, a Nomad Jukebox Zen. 20Gigs of music in the palm of my hand. That's 1/4 the size of the hard drive on my PC. It took 2 hours to get everything up and running. Now all I need is the remote w/recorder and FM radio. Too bad it's $70.

Arthur makes me laugh:

I've spent the entire day listening to music. I can't get enough of it. I'm afraid 15 Gigs on the player may never be used! I need to DL some new music.

These are some bands I've started listening to within the past year:
Darwin's Waiting Room
Project 86
Dry Kill Logic
In Flames
In now way are these the only bands, but I enjoy these the most.

Uyen was commenting on how much my journal sucks. I have to agree with her, but it does. But if it does suck so much? Why the hell are you reading it? Don't you have better things to do than waste your time reading about my life? I guess not.

She also told me to update my journal. That I cannot do at the moment. With Adam being out of town, TAC won't be updated until he returns (looks like it'll be Sunday). She thinks it's stpuid that I post my journal on TAC. Why? Is it better to use some stupid freehost piece of shit with 9684875875 popups? Adam is kind enough to use his bandwidth on me for free. She told me to get my own site. I would only need a server, domain, and actual knowledge of HTML.

I had some pinnable & olive pizza for dinner. The combination originally came when my parents took me to this pizza place, Garret's (or The Garret - can't remember), when I was 4. I tried to come up with the weirdest combination of pizza. Now that I'm a vegetarian, I can't order my usual BBQ chicken pizza from Pizza My Heart, so I had to come up with an alternative that the rest of the family will eat (bastards don't like pesto). So, I tried pinapple and olive again and it's still good.

Random thought: My nails are too long I need to cut them.

I think this thread on eM is hilarious. This fool over paid for a Black Lotus. Check it out on this thread.

I admit, that last paragraph was just an excuse to link stuff. Just for the hell of it, I'm linking more shiate. There are the pics I took of Danny with the popcicle stick:
Licking Stick
Examining Stick
Dreaming of Stick
Homo Erotic Stick
Stick Sex
Stick Spank (and liking it!)

That's enough for me. I'm going back to uh... same thing I've been doing all day - the computer. Damn j00! You've stolen my life!

Catch ya on the flip side.

Brett's Journal
4/3/03 Without you everything falls apart...

I just played Apprentice for the first time in a long time. My inability to properly use Danny's goblin sligh shows me how much better a player he really is. I came out 2-2 (or 3-2).

Last night I was feeling sick so I went to lie down on my bed around 7:30. I asked my mom to come get me so I could get some work done at 8:00. She never showed up and I fell asleep. Around 9:30 my dad wakes me up. I decide I'm too tired to do shiate so I go back to bed but no before setting my alarm to wake up at 4:00 instead of the usual 6:00. I had a horrible night sleep. I woke up at least four times. When I woke up for the final time, my alarm read 4:30 without sounding once. Then I look at my clock and it reads 6:30. Apparently I set my clock back two hours instead of my alarm. Damnit! I got dressed and the rest of the shiate, but I didn't have any homework done. I was really tired from the crappy sleep, so my dad drove me to school.

First period was boring. Because of the wicked curve on our math tests, I got a C instead of a F! I tried to sleep with my head resting on my arm... and it worked! She didn't get bitchy and give me saturday school.

Spanish, the one class I was worried about not doing homework for. I did do [most] of it before she collected it in class. It was so easy I wish I could've done it the night before. She could tell I was out of it. I was having trouble breathing and she even mocked me... damnit. She asked me two questions the entire period and I think she purposely asked questions she knew I'd know the answer to.

English was so... uh... normal? Yeah, we did the same shiate we always do, tests, test, tests! Er... quizes? BITE ME! The vocab used to be easy, words I knew. Well, I do know most of the words that we're using now, except the definitions are in context to our readings, not dictionary definitions. The layout of the test is also damned confusing. It's uh... well, different every time. That's annoying. And secondly, instead of writing in letters, we have to write in numbres... and it's f0cking annoying! You'd understand if you took the tests.

During SSR Thu kept calling me on my cell. After the first I called her but didn't say anything. Then I texted messaged twice:
"u suck" and "me > j00"
Ha... I really am better than her. No, not really. Damn me! Well, I recieved a total of 9 calls from her so I just set my phone to silent. It's supposed to be Sustained silent. reading... ha?

During hte period I developed a severe allegy attack. SOB! I was sniffling, sneezing, and generally felt like crap. It became so bad that at the end of the period, Seabury asked us to take a test. I wrote one answer and gave up. I can't concentrate when my nose is throbbing, damnit. I didn't bother showing her the one answer I had and just took 0/20. Meh. She made the class stay in for 5 minutes because of a few loud people who I wouldn't mind dead. I wasn't upset, I had nothing to do at lunch and if I did I couldn't enjoy it because of my allergic state. She was sympathetic and let my group (all two of us) leave after a minute. We're the quiet, smart people. Oh... the other person at my table is Verona.

Lunch was uh... interesting. I accidently said what I was thinking and called Hang a bitch for being such a... well, bitch to Jaime. What the hell is her problem? She showed him that she doesn't like him. She should just leave him alone. I had taking sides, but Hang is going too far. Jaime needs support. Jaime, if you read this, I'm there for you, buddy.

I let Mr. C down in bio. I was the only person who didn't have thier homework done. Damn me! I suck! Meh... I was still feeling like shiate and I didn't care. We have this fairly large assignment due Tuesday. Damnit!

As I walked to Programming I saw Charlie and Duy walk past room 14 and into B hall. I didn't know Duy was the kind of guy who cut. Oh well, Charlie took him to Mr. Chou's. In between posting on eM and sneezing, I actually got some work done! Actually, it was just copying a program from the book into the console. I don't even have all the libraries needed to run the program on my computer. Ha... I suck again! Stupid class. No matter how little work I do he won't fail me. D- here I come! Adam wasn't in class because he's going to some wedding in LA (read his journal). Shiate, that also means this won't update the site until he gets back (Saturday or Sunday). Shiate.

I played Max a few games of magic after school. I got some GOD hands but I didn't need them. His deck wasn't fast enough for me to need them. If only I had them when playing Danny. I would've kicked his arse that way.

Badmitton practice was pretty cool. Usually it's boring as hell but something was different. I wish I knew what it was so I could do it everyday. When the players took roll I walked outside the gym to see some people playing with an oversized rubber ball. The thing was huge. Zac, Anthony, and Kevin were playing a "game" of trying to kick it at one anther. I joined in and got two sweet hits on Zac and Kevin. Kick ass. It ended too soo, though. They had to go to swim practice.

Steve S. showed up (maybe he made it not boring) and I talked with him for awhile. His MD player was broken already but you could get it to work by holding the headphone piece in play. I listened to the greatest song ever, "Shoots and Ladders". Steve says he put it on there just for me. What a guy, eh? He also had "Fine Again" - Seether, "Sick of Man" - Cold, and "Metaphor" - In Flames on the disc. Music kicks ass. He also gave me some Claritin! Woot! Non-drozy allergy relief!

After school Vy came over for awhile. She makes me so happy. I want to spend the rest of my life with her. I remember someone said I just had an infatuation with her and I remember being pissed off that the guy said that. I know it's more than that. I love Vy.

How can Adam claim to love those girls? Love can't be divided, he has to choose one. Kendra, Jessica, Windy, or Allison? Which is it? Hell if I know. In April Fool's entry says he slept with Jessica (over and over) but he's alwasy talking about Allison. If he reads this he'll tell me that he does only love one. He's sure as hell not sending the right signals, then.

Hmm... it's almost 10:00. Bed time? Maybe I should kill some Nazi bastards before I go to sleep. Nah... I'm stuck on level 9 or something. Apprentice? Maybe. I'm kinda weirded by the lame victories already tonight. I want to win third turn, damnit!

Hmm... maybe I'll add that Mox Ruby after all. That extra speed could do some damage (with the ideal hand).Think about it:
First turn - Mountain, Mox Ruby. Tap both for Goblin Lackey and Reckless Charge. Put Piledriver into play.
Second turn - Mountain. Raging Goblin, Raging Goblin, swing for 10 plus (plus the 4 the turn before) brings the opponent to 6. Goblin Grenade then sac both mountains for Fireblast. Easy second turn kill. Actually, I didn't account for actual hand size, so I don't know if it's possible or not. I suck!

I'd like to leave you with this:
"You know we live in strange times when our most famous golf player is black, our most famous rap star is white, France is accusing us of arrogance, and Germany refuses to go to war"

That's enough for now. Catch ya on the flip side.

Oh yeah, Happy birthday, Adam! Hope the camera is a kick ass as you say it is.

Brett's Journal
4/1/03 I forgot to title this last time... I suck

After I wrote yesterday's entry I DLed around a dozen tracks from artits appearing at Ozzfest 2003. Unloco, Nothingface, and Memento. I also DLed a few tracks from a band called Anal Cunt. I know, it's not a very pretty name. Well, they SUCK but they have the coolest track titles! "Hitler Was a Sensitive Man", "I Lit Your Baby on Fire", "Recycling is Gay", and "311 Sucks". Great track titles.


Woot! Robert just helped me with some HTML that Adam didn't know how to do. How lame is Adam? Yeah, I know... A LOT! Sorry, no more bashing Adam. He uses his bandwidth on me for free. I love you Adam!

Math was lame. I did nothing. Damn Yu was back again. I couldn't sleep. The bitch gets on my case but not the guy who sits in front of me. Let me sleep, goddamnit!

Spanish was easy. I took a test on pasatiempos and the future tense.
I wish we always used the future tense in Espanol. It's so easy.

Anywho, I think I missed two points out of 36 or something. Enough for an A. Why is it that I'm taking the same Spanish class as last year (I failed) but the class has learned two new forms? It's BS!

English was lame. we took yet another vocabulary test. Easy shiate.

U.S. Histroy was pathetic. I can't believe how stupid the class is. I was the ONLY person who could tell something about these topics of the Cold War prior to doing any work on it:
Arms Race
Korean War
Vietnam War
Cuban Missle Crisis
Berlin Wall
The class is that sad.

At bought Vy lunch and gernally did my normal things. During break someone had slipped a note into my locker saying they were my sectret admirer. I knew it was BS but it said to meet where I am at lunch anywya... why the hell not, eh? Before lunch I found out it was Sam. I was hoping it would've been a better prank.

Bio was ok. Mr. Carlisle played an April Fools joke and got me. I really thought we had to retake yesterdays test because everyone did horrible - even Danny and Robert. NOT! That ratbastard! We corrected each others test. I ended up with 21/29 - a C.

The Vot was absent again so we had free roam over the tech lab. Most of the class was spent talking to Adam and Zooey. Adam's really excited about the camera he's getting for his birthday. Quality images on theanticrust here we come!

Speaking of birthdays... today was Danny's. Happy Birthday! That's 17 kicks in the crotch for ya! It would be so cool if he got a Moat like his mom and brother joked about.

Alright, this is going to take up some space, but bare with me. It is one of (if not) the best game of Magic I have ever played. It was two-on-two, Danny and I vs Steve-o and Patrick.
Brett's Deck: The Trix by Eric Fortin.
Danny's Deck: The most dominate deck at school, his Gobbo Sligh.
Patrick's Deck: Some green build that Steve-o's 8 year old bro built (he's really good!)
Steve-o's Deck: His WEIRD mono-blue Icy Manipulator + Psychic Venom deck. It's really weird. Danny starts our offensive by taking Steve-o down. He's stalled first by Icy Manipulator than by back-to-back Fogs from Patrick. I had Donated an Illusions to Patrick several turns before but he had plenty of mana to keep the thing going as well as Wild Growths and Llnaowar Elves. Danny and I make one small mistake and Danny lets one too many creatures through and is taken down.

Now I'm left to take on not one, but two opponents. I'm being hit for 8 each turn and Patrick isn't running out of mana soon enough. I'm forced to use an Illusion without Donate to keep myself alive. Steve-o is always a constant threat because of his counters (and he bluffs damn well). I'm taken down to 10 via Patrick's relentless attacking. I finally decide to use the third Illusions in my hand. To keep myself alive. I'm also out of Donate. I used one for the first Illusions, two to Intuition, and the third to a counter I couldn't prevent myself (I only had Mana Leak). As luck woudl have it, Patrick man out of mana sources before he could finnish me off! Then I drew the much needed Time Twister. In my sever cards, I didn't draw the needed Donate to rid myself of my Illusions, but I did manage a Braistorm which when cast, did yield the Donate! I was saved from my Illusions the turn before thanks to countering a Boomerang and Counterspell with my two Mana Drains. I also used up a Lotus, but it was worth it. So, I Merchant scroll for FoW just in case it's needed and Donate the Illusions. Steve-o concedes! I fucking rule!

OK, enough with that Magic shiate. I went to Badmitton practice with Vy and she came over after. Good times? Yes.

Before I do homework, I'd like to post some lyrics by In Flames. The song is "Only for the Weak":

I can't tolerate your sadness
cause it's me you're drowning
I won't allow any hapiness
cause everytime you laugh, I feel so guilty

"I blame the needs that you feed
cause selfish eyes would not see"

Am I forced to have any regret?
I've become the lie, beutiful and free
In my righteous own mind
I adore and preach the insanity you gave

Sell me the infection, it's only for the weak
No need for sympathy, the misery that is me
No need for sympathy, it's only for the weak
On bleeding knees I accept my fate

I've lost the ability to paint the clouds
cause it's me you're draining
I'm stuck in this slow-motion dark day
cause everytime you run, I fall behind

"Far away is a place where I hide
the truth that have to be locked away"

And so I hear my voice again
The tale of the bitter man, here I am
Shake the silence and hear what it says
The tranquil pride that become the lie

Ah... that song is good times.

I have things to do, so catch ya on the flip side.

Brett's Journal
3/31/03 Good Times

Nothing really happened Sunday just some randon shiate. I did absolutly no homework... my mom doesn't know that, though. Don't tell!

I did burn two CDs. Whoracle and Clayman by In Flames.

Today was pretty good times. I woke up before my alarm went off and couldn't really get back to sleep. I'd fall asleep for a few minutes then wake up again. Repeat. Damnit. I hauled my arse out of bed. I eneded walking later than I normally do so I walked faster than normal. By the time I got to school my legs were tense. Meh...

First period was stupid. It wasn't all bad, though - Ms. Yu wasn't there. Yay! Subs rule! I did five problems then went to sleep. Ms. Yu threatened to give me Saturday school if I slept in her class one more time so I had to take advantage of the bitch not being there.

Spanish was stupid, too. Ms. Ramirez let the TV teach the class. It was some stupid tapped quiz. Since we were in groups of five or more at least one person in each group new the answer so everyone got every question right. That class usually goes really fast. Yay!

Break was cool. Before school Vy gave me a bag of gummy bears (thanks!) which were all eaten by Uyen... minus three.

English was stupid, too! First the class took a vocabulary test. Mr. Holiday is either so old that he doesn't notice the class cheating or he just doesn't care. We simply place vocabulary lists underneath the the desk next to ours and read the word and definition. Next we had a quiz on the first two chapters of The Great Gatsby. I haven't read anything yet so most of my answers were guesses. Actually, I don't think anyone in the class has read part of the book. After that we had two "practice" tests for the Golden State Exam. Both were extremely easy. I feel sorry for those who failed it or resorted to cheating.

U.S. History wasn't too bad. We had to organize and submit our notebooks. I was missing some papers that I was supposed toh ave glued in there. Meh... I always get a B on the thing. I usually don't do shiate, either. After that we took a quiz on American involvement in WWII. I know I got one wrong because of the way the question was worded. I overlooked the date on the question... had to do with when the U.S. became involved in the fighting in Europe. I don't care... the class is too easy.

Lunch was lame. The Y-Achievers room was locked so I played Jaime magic outside. His Keeper variat (lame!) vs. Eric Fortin's The Trix. I was proud the way I played, but Keeper has too many cards stacked against Trix without a sideboard. I did annoy the hell out of Jaime with 4 Force of Will. I also Redirected a Mind Twist at him. Sucker discarded Morphling and two other cards. Trix is awesome!

Bio was cool. We took a quiz on Human Evolution. I didn't know the stuff I should've but I felt I did decent. Damnit, whenever I think I do good on his tests I do average. That really pisses me off. Especially the quiz on Taxonomy. I knew every damned thing and I got a C or B (can't remember). I knew every damned thing!

Programming was cool. I talked to Adam and Zooey a lot. I took some homoerotic photos with Zooey but for some reason they're not on this site with the rest of the pics from today. Meh. It's probly better you don't see me grabbing Zooey's chest. I remember having a strange chat with Adam today. I can't remember what it was about, though. Oh, he showed me this 20GB mp3 player which makes the one I ordered look lame. I thought I was getting top-of-the-line but the one he showed me has a built in color display to play movies on! That's bitchin'! The price I saw was $320. I'd gladly pay the extra cash for the ability to have the screen. Damn you Adam! (no, not really... don't remove my journal! Please! I'll do anything! Not really... hmm... FUCK IT!)

Check out this really cool site!

Ugh... some moron posted an explicit pic in his signature. I'm going to have to send this one to Foretel. Wait... I think it's the guy who says I'm his idol. Too damn bad. That was crossing the line.

Anywho, after school I played Danny a little Magic. His damned Goblin Sligh piece of shiate is too damn good. Vy, along with Uyen and Mel went to pick up some pizza at Little Ceasars. Mmm... pizza. I went winless against Danny. Patrick went at Danny with my deck... and won. Damnit.

Duspues I went to the badmitton game. I sat in the corner and listened to my newly burned CDs. Both are damn good! Of course, they're In Flames!

Once Vy was done with her game we walked to my house and layed down together. We were both tired - me from waking early and her from a long game of badmitton.

Yikes... I've got homework to do!

Catch ya on the flip side.

Oh yeah, I want to marry Vy!

Brett's Journal
3/29/03 March Madness

I'm just going to try something...

woot! I made a marquee! I am so totally bitching! Look at my crazy HTML skills! I bet Adam wishes he could do this shiate. SUCKER!

Alright, I'm done with that. So, what happened yesterday? Lots of shiate.

After school Vy went with Uyen and Hang to the store and to do some other things. Aw... I was sad. I went to the tables and played a four way with Steve-o, Danny, and Patrick. The least experienced of us won, damnit. Danny's deck is friggin awesome... he is the Aaron of this year (well, as close as any of us will get).

Steve-o was late to tennis practice so we accompanied him over there. Guys tennis is boring. Danny and I left to watch the swimmers. The divingboard was wet so people kept slipping before they could jump. Poor Kevin.

I walked back to main campus minus Danny to find Huong and Sinakhot. They were hungry so I suggested we go to bonfaire. We did just that. I don't know what I was thinking, but I bought a pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream AND some cookies and cream milkshake thing. WTF? That was too much food. The three of us headed to tennis practice to uh... watch more more tennis.

They left without telling me so I decided to go look for Danny. Just was I was walking away he comes towards me. Sexcellent. I went into Adam's pocket and borrowed his camera. I told Danny to pose with his popsicle stick - he did. When Adam went to upload the pics he had some erotic shots of Danny with a piece of wood. Good times.

We decide to go to main campus to play some magic. It's kind of pointless, his deck is just too good. His victory did take longer than usual, but he did beat me. Then some freshmen showed up and challenged us. I told Danny to show them how his deck works. Danny did but got stalled by some Pacifism-like card. He still won but the victory wasn't nearly as impressive. Eduardo showed up and kicked us out so we decided to go look for Steve-o.

Steve-o was actually heading our direction so we didn't go far. We went to look for Robert back at tennis practice but he wasn't there. We stepped inside the girls gym to check out badmitton practice. The three of us took turns plaing Peter. He kicked out asses. Then Steve-o borrows Peter's raquet to play Danny. They only got a couple of servers in before Tram ran in and took the raquet Steve-o was using. Only having one raquet to play with, we leave. I did steal my birdie, though.

Next we go to the main gym to see how set up for March Madness is doing. It was pretty boring. He did get a cardboard pipe which we used to fight with. I hit Danny a little too hard, though. I think he has a bruise. We go outside and Steve-o wants me to hold up a metal chair while he runs and kicks it. This brought up the story my dad tells when he was a kid. His older brother, Mark, got a pellet gun for a gift one year. Mark tells my dad to hold the target up and my dad complies... by holding the target in front of his chest. When Mark fires the pellet goes through the target and hits my dad in the chest. Ah... the crazy things my dad has done.

So, we decide we need food before the performances. Off to Frankie's! What do you know, We find Melbert and Steph there. While we wait for food, I run across the street to Bonfaire to pick up some ice cream for Steve-o and some lemon & lime juices for others to drink. Sour!

We run back to Frankie's and talk for a bit. We made references to my stolen birdie by it's other name, shuttle cock... minus the shuttle part.

On the way to March Madness Melbert kept stoping to make out with itself. We don't need that shiate! Danny started yelling "cock" and singing songs with the "cock" in substitution for the actual words.

Steve-o was too cheap to buy a ticket into March Madness so he went around back... fools just leave the door open. Ah... Steve-o is too cool sometimes.

Finally, I got to see Vy again! I love her so much. She's everything to me.

The performances were pretty good. Freshman's theme was Ninja Tutrles, Sophmores did Back to the Future, Juniors Make it a Blockbuster Night, and finally seniors chose Rodger Rabbit. The freshman's performance was stupid. The only time I laughed was when the messed up. Sophmores were damn impressive. I don't remember much, I remember liking it. Juniors had the other good performance. There was a particular act that pissed off the faculty... it was a live performance of the "Lady Marmalade". It was very well done and not because the girls were half naked.

The best part of the night was definitally Eric's house. He has a huge trampoline! 5 people all wrestling is FUN. Of course, everyone gets hurt. I have 10 bruises on my legs. I hear Uyen has more than me. Vy has two or so... good times! We wrestled for two hours before Vy and Hang gave up. With only 3 people left it wasn't nearly as fun (especially because two of them were all over each other). I did fall off twice. Once landing on my feet and once on my back... ow. I was the third person off the trampoline. I went into the car with the other two. Vy fell asleep in my arms. I don't care what Adam says, there's no better feeling.

Uyen was too tired to drive home so Hang did the honors. Vy slept almost the entire time.

When I got home I was too tired to do anything so I went to bed.


That was last night, this is today:

I woke up sweating in bed. I got up disoriented and made my way into the house. I parked myself in front of the computer all day. Music is good times. I just leave my headphones on and do whatever I'm doing. I have just under 1,000 songs on my computer (953 to be exact). Highlight of today: I talked on the phone with Vy for 10 minutes.

Time to wrap this up, catch ya on the flip side.

Brett's Journal
3/27/03 Jiggasaywha? and other random things

I had a terrible time getting out of bed. Outside the covers it was so cold. I just wanted to stay curled up in my covers all morning. Sleep was good. I went to school for one reason, vy.

Math sucked. Spanish Sucked. English sucked. U.S. History sucked. Bio sucked. C++ sucked. I didn't have one fun class today.

The one class I like let me down. We watched a movie on Evolution called Why Sex?. She Mr. Carlisle introduced the movie, Xochi heard live sex. Ah... good times.

The Vot is absent from C++ today and tomorrow. He's at a robotics meet or something. I actually got bored. The network was on too. How lame is that? Meh, I put on my headphones and cruised eM. Here's my newest playlist:

1. "Need To" - Staind (Korn cover)

2. "Back to the Primitive" - Soulfly

3. "Tradegy" - Coal Chamber

4. "Slit Wrist Theory" - 36 Crazyfists

5. "Blackout" - (hed) PE

6. "Unreal" - Ill Nino

7. "My Last Serenade" - Killswitch Engage

8. "Summerland" - Kings X

9. "What I Always Wanted" - Kittie

10. "Ten Ton Hammer" - Machine Head

11. "Perfect Drug" - Nine Inch Nails

12. "Get Up" - Noise Therapy

13. "Fucking Hostile" - Pantera

14. "Shutdown" - Pitchshifter

15. "Set Me Up" - Project 86

16. "Du Hast" - Rammstein

17. "Priase" - Sevendust

18. "Sober" - Tool

19. "Split" - Chimaira


Most of those songs are good times. I wish I replaced a few of them with some others I love too hear.

After school my dad found me and took me to the dentist. First we had to make a stop at my sister's school. I was falling asleep in the car on the way to the denist. Same thing happened in the dentist's chair. She wasn't happy.

Tomorrow is March Madness. This'll be my first time attending it. As far as I know it's just some skits... right? Meh. After the stuff at school we're going to Eric's house to use his tampoline and pool. Hang and Uyen also have the crazy idea that they can sleep at my house... eh... maybe. I need to clean like a banshee first. Crapola, I need to find my swim trunks, too.

The mess in my room is left over from the last time they came over. That was pretty cool times. In case you are out of the loop, I live in a motorhome parked in front of my parent's house. Anywho, we had... 7 people or so crammed in the little thing. Somehow we watched The Ring. It was sad, Steve-o fell asleep! Uyen made him pay by grabbing his leg. Sucker. After the movie we played truth or dare. Everything ended up being a dare. Jaime licked Steve-o's face. I rubbed Jaime's stomach. Jaime took off his shirt. Vy kissed Hang. That was weird. When I returned from walking Vy home I found my room vacent. Everyone just got up and left!

I'm really pissed off. I was suppose to go to the Disturbed/Chevelle/Taproot concert April 19th, a day before my birthday. A few days ago my mom informed me that we're going to Illinois the 17th through the 23rd. Fucking a... I really wanted to go to that show. Granted, I'm still hoping I can go to Ozzfest in July (which has Disturbed and Chevelle), but it won't be right around my birthday. That and the tickets go on sale in a couple of days and I'm afraid to call my cousin to tell him the tickets me bought for me will have to go to one of his friends. Korn will be at Ozzfest, though. Does it matter? Uh... maybe. If they play "Shoots and Ladders" EVERYTHING will be made up for. "Shoots and Ladders" = the greatest fucking song EVER.

The Illinois vacation is to visit my grandparents. I know I should be understanding about missing the concert, and for the most part, I am. But... during my birthday! That's not cool. I don't want to spend it in Illinois. It'll be weird.

One good thing about being away for my Bday is that I get my present early. I'm getting a Nomad Jukebox Zen. That's 20 GBs for music! I love music! It's only $250! SWEET!

I'm going to order it after this entry.

If Thu were a sexy man she'd get a hug just like Asnavi. Something to think about...

Catch ya on the flip side.

Brett's Journal
3/26/03 Blah

Yay... maybe I'll actually update this thing.

The title refers to my current mood. Just... blah. Today was pretty good, though.

Last night on AIM Vy asked if I could walk her to school since her dad had to leave early. That's good times right there. We met at the corner by her house. She live incredibly close to our school. She should walk everyday. We hang out with Hampster, Weiner, Eric, and others before class.

First period was horrible. Mrs. Yu was worse that usual. She was corrected four times by her students. *sigh* That's pathetic!

Spanish was OK. I kinda got into it today. We had one of those stupid listen and practice shiates. I listen but I don't hear anything. I hate that when I hear something in Spanish I have to decipher it in English... that's not how it's supposed to work, right? Meh... what the hell do I know?

Ew... I just belched up some dinner. ICKY.

English was boring like always. We took a practice test for the Golden State Exams. I finnished 5 minutes before everyone else. That's pathetic considering I'm less than a 2.0.

U.S. History kicked ass today! We were debating in class. I usually have no skill at all, but I think I can get into this debate crap (as long as I know enough on the topic). Sadly, we had to debate in groups and only a single person from groups of four could stand and deliver the groups stance on the topic. I was lucky enough to stand twice. Some people didn't even read the handout so it was easy to take them apart. SUCKERS.

During lunch I had to go to my Spanish class to make up an oral presentation. I had to talk about hacky sack in Spanish. Necesitaran dos pies para jugar or some shiate like that. I got 3/6 for the IB assesment. Apparently all of our foreign language classes are MYP or IB... soemthing like that.

When I got to the table there were two games of magic going on. When Steve-o finnished obliterating Harvey I challenged him. Harvey is playing a proxied Academy build. He has lots of powered cards in the deck but no focus. I laid a first turn hyppie via Dark Rit and administered a beating. He did Mana Drain my Flesh Reaver but that just delayed the inevitable. The sucker was going down until the bell rang. Oh, I also destroyed his win condition with Rain of Tears. I rule.

I was really tired in Bio. Mr. Carlisle went over the homework. It's really easy for me. Though, the worksheets we have tonight are a bitch. Not hard, but... I actually have to look for the answer. I don't think I'll do them. Bell rang and I got the hell out of class.

Yay... programming. The Vot is hilarious sometimes. No, all the time. Anywho, I did no real work. I check some sites and other shiate but nothing productive. I did get some suckers from Sinakhot. Mmm... cherry.

After school is good times. Except I was weird today. Nothing was funny. I could tell things were funny, but I just wasn't affected by them. At the table I played a three-way between Patrick, Steve-o and Me. Sui isn't meant to take on more than one opponent. I got stuck with one land in my hand, which is usually enough if I have a Dark Ritual in hand as well. Sadly, I used it to pull first turn Negator which was recieved a Time Ebb before it could do any damage. I quit and played Max instead. He's got some good cards, but his decks lack focus. He was playing green stompy with lots of mana acceleration. He had some fatties like Rhox, Cloudscraper, and Krosan Colussus in his deck but my disruption crippled him before he was able to get the upper hand.

Once 7th period let out and Eric arrived we headed to the small gym so the girls could get to badmitton practice. I didn't feel like watching them take roll so I went with Eric to Bonfaire. At the stoplight we were stopped by Arthas and Sinakhot who accompanied us to the store and back to the gym.

In the gym I listened to my newly burned CD. Eric took Weiner's place in a game so she could take a break. The asshole coach didn't like it and asked Eric to leave. Eric didn't hear and Hampster decided it wasn't important. Well, the coach got pissy and threw everyone who wasn't supposed to be in there out of the gym. That fucker. It was time to leave anyway. Hang informed Vy that the coach's lil' sis marked her as absent for sitting down too much. Vy got crazy and went and cussed out the coach's little sister. That was hilarious. She's so cool. I'm so lucky to have her.

Hang drove us to Sweetea for some... uh... Asian drinks. Mmm... slushy with jelly is good. So much time was wasted. Meh... I got to spend time with friends and Vy. Hang went home so Uyen drove to Vy's house since her parents try to control every aspect of her life and don't want her to grow and experience things like every teenager should be allowed to do. That means she had to be home before 5:30. The remaining three drove back to school so Eric could practice for March Madness. Uyen drove me home and now here I am. Yay.

Writing this has given me something to do. I'm not feeling "blah" anymore.

Hmm... maybe I should submit a Rant to Adam. No, that would take too much time to write up.

Hmm... for now, Mono out.

Brett's Journal
3/25/03 First Entry!

Screw the pictures! I'm just going to make a journal! I went to sleep at 11:30 last night and 1:30 the night before. It was horrible trying to get out of bed. I decided to leave the heater off as well. I was freezing my arse off. Anywho, I woke up around 6ish and got out of bed 30 minutes later. My dad wasn't awake yet so I walked to school.

Before school Uyen came at me with a barrage of attacks. Most of which missed

First period was a riot like always. Instead of doing my work I made a list of all the things I dislike about Ms. Yu. It looked similar to this:

1. Prowar - she's just as ignorant as 90% of the rest of the country

2. Supports Bush for the sole reason of being Republican

3. Gun Activist (great thing to tell her students... "I support guns!")

4. Ex-lawyer


Second period I have Spansih. I hate the class but I need it to graduate. I was having a very hard time keeping my head up during Ms. Ramirez's questioning. Not until she gave us work did I have something to divert me from my lack of sleep.

Yay, break! I went to the bank to get some cookie and mango pops. Mmm... cookie. Damn good times. After that I got my arse up to Ms. Seabury's room to see Vy. She makes me so happy.

She walked me to English where the class had to write an essay. Having chose not to read the book which the essay was on, I just went to sleep. Good times.

Off to U.S. History with Ms. Seabury! I like the class, but I HATE the people in it. With the exception of me and maybe two other people, everyone is ignorant. Ignorance is not bliss when they won't shut the fuck up! Ms. Seabury needs to enforce some policies to shut the class up so I can get some work done.

After Seabury it's lunch time. Yay. I grabbed some more cookies and mango pops from the bank before heading to French Club. Jackie was being the tyrant bitch she always is. Lighten up, girl! Anywho, she said something about chocolate and cheese. I got the general idea of what she was saying.

After lunch I have my favorite [real] class, IB Biology with the amazingly cool Mr. Carlisle. He's the only guy who has turned a subject boring to me into something I really enjoy. I worked on the paper with Thu. She was really down today. She claimed she was tired but it was obvious something else was on her mind. I wanted to talk to her more but I also didn't want to get involved in her life.

Yay... my easiest class, C++ programming. It's easy because I do NOTHING. The Vot was calling people up in pairs for an oral test. I hide behind some computers with Adam to avoid being called on. We joked around and talked about his love, Allison. We also had a look through the Palma Sutra. Ah... that's hilarious. Anywho, we just escaped the oral test. I had gotten up to see something Arthur called me over for. When he dismissed the two he finnished with I was in plain sight so I dove behind a desk. I love the feeling of being sneaky. Sneaky like a ninja!

Sweet, Hang drove Uyen, Vy, and Me to Starbucks after school. I had to borrow $20 from Steve-o to pay for everything because I was generous enough to lend $5 to both Mel and Asnavi.

Back at school I watch the badmitton games. Our boys Varsity 1 singles is amazing. Duy is pretty good, too (even though he told me he sucked). He's crazy. Vy & Hang and Uyen and & Hien won! sweet, go girls doubles.

Hang was kind enough to drive Vy and Me to my house after the games. She hung out until 6:30ish. When I got home I opened my new EGM. EGM = my bible. Damn, as much as I was hoping against it, the topless code for DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball was their April fools joke. DAMN THE LUCK!

I could really use some sleep so I'm going to chat on AIM for a little while longer then hit the hay. I'm exhausted. Mono out.