Here are my (and others) poems. I hope you enjoy them. They are in chronological order.
I would recommend reading the poem before you read the little description under it, poetry is a personal thing, and its better to read it the first time unbiased by other people's (including the author's) thoughts. But of course, the choice is up to you.

My First Try At Limericks 11/30/03
I was reading a limerick site and thought "I could do better!". So I wrote these one after the other, I dont like them all.

Warmth 10/13/03
A poem about a book of poems... only Zach.

I Don't Want to Deal With It 10/02/03
Sometimes in life you want it to go away and be simple. Right now this is about my Alex situation.

Dreams 9/10/03
This poem is about people wanting the same, or in this case different, things.

Enjoying the Kill 6/8/03
This is supposed to be the image of something like a Hyena Eating me alive. Its about girls... duh.

Knew It All Along 5/23/03
Inspiration hit me during a presentation in english class. It's about Jessica.

Hi Coo 4/29/03
I wanted to write a Haiku in CompSci, so I did. This is it.

Corny 4/24/03
After a Great talk with Kendra, I felt like writing about her. I feel like Samwise trying to make a poem about Gandalf.

Bland 4/16/03
meh. I kind of felt this way, so I wrote about it. I don't think it will last very long.

Slips Away 4/11/03
This poem is about Allison leaving me and the futile struggle against it.

Manual 4/2/03
I wrote this poem because I want a manual for life. Its just a 'life is tough' poem.

no title 3/27/03
Allison wrote this while we were on AIM once, its sad. I cant tell you why she wrote it, only she knows that.

Why Try 3/26/03
I was mad at life and didn't want to try anymore, so I wrote this.

Allison 3/9/03
I love Allison, this poem is an attempt at humor expressing that. I could do better. In fact, I will do better.

Count Your 2/23/03
I wrote this poem for Kendra, she gave me the first line and I wrote a poem from it.

Valentines Day 2/8/03
I love this poem.

Sad 2/8/03
This poem is about Allison ending it with me... woohoo (that woohoo was bitter and sarcastic).

A Story 1/26/03
This isn't really a poem. Its a story I told Allison on AIM. I like it a lot.

Jessica 1/12/03
This is a limerick about Jessica. Its a funny one.

PaperClip 1/9/03
This is a poem I wrote for Allison. She gave me the first and last lines. It's an odd one.

Scary Old Men 1/9/03
I told Allison to give me a line, and I would write a poem about it. This isnt the line she meant me to write one from, but I did it anyway.

Cheese 1/9/03
I like this poem, its just... silly.

OG 1/7/03
We were writing poems, and Allison whipped this one up. It's cute, just like her.

War 1/7/03
I wrote this poem becuase I felt like writing a poem. I remember talking about it with Allison while I was writing it.

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