I found a paperclip

I found a paperclip in my shoe
I loved it lots, 'cuase I'm a Jew
And next in this remorseful tale
I happened upon a wandering snail

He looked at me and started to speak
And told me of his mighty beak
He said it was like a dreary fern
It was mighty strong, but started to burn

I told him I would help him a lot
And he rewarded me with a magical pot
I went home and told my mom
She was relieved, since I took so long

She said "This pot is the best I've seen,
I must be in some wonderful dream
To come upon the pot for free
You, my son, are most lu-cky"

She cooked up a magical storm
A stew began to suddenly form
And in the house, marched a great white horse
He leaped right in with a mighty force

He fell right in her magical pot
Realizing his fate, had helped him not
He jumped right out, like a bullet shot
"What a stupid horse" I thought

Allie says it has to be done
Writing it was cool, and lots of fun
From the horse a mythical beast was born
And that's why unicorns have one horn


Thursday, January 09, 2003

First and last lines provided lovingly by Allie