A Story Adam Told On AIM

duckfield: so tell me a story
MaFishes42: Uhhh, well... there wonce was a keyboard
MaFishes42: and it was taking a walk
MaFishes42: When suddenly its 'g' fell off
MaFishes42: But it didnt notice
MaFishes42: So it just kept on walking through the zoo
duckfield: the zoo?
MaFishes42: yeah.
duckfield: how did it get to the zoo?
MaFishes42: It was walking in the zoo
duckfield: but where did it come from?
MaFishes42: Shhh, this is my story, take it or leave it
duckfield: alright
duckfield: wait i have another question
MaFishes42: So it got in the kayboard car and went home
MaFishes42: What???
duckfield: ummm
duckfield: do keys fall off easy or did it bump into something?
MaFishes42: It was a n inferior foreign keyboard, so the key fell off
duckfield: ok
duckfield: continue
MaFishes42: Anyway, it got into its keyboard-car and drove home to the mouse.
MaFishes42: Needless to say it had been a long day, and the mouse was ready for some lovin.
duckfield: hehe
MaFishes42: So it gets home to the mouse, and grabs it by the cord, and flings it onto the desk saying "Im oing to fuck you ood and proper"
duckfield: haha, cause its missing its g key
MaFishes42: and the mouse says "Click Click Click scroll Click Click"
MaFishes42: and the keyboard says "Oh my od! You're riht! My key is missin!"
duckfield: lol
MaFishes42: and the mouse said  "click" 
duckfield: cant he still fuck the mouse without his g key?
MaFishes42: So the keyboard stood up very tall and shouted "No matter how far I must travel, no matter where I must o. I will find my key, and return. I will not rest, until it is safe."
MaFishes42: No, the g key is like his penis.
duckfield: haha
MaFishes42: So the keyboard goes back to the zoo, and wanders around, but he cant find his g key.
MaFishes42: So he goes up to the Giraffe
MaFishes42: and says "Hello Mr. iraffe. I am missin one of my keys. Please I need it to et back home to the mouse"
MaFishes42: and the GIraffe says "Iraffe!?!?!? Im not arab you miserable pile of plastic! Eat shit and die!"
MaFishes42: Needless to say, the keyboard was dismayed, and started wandering again when he came across another keyboard.
MaFishes42: This other keyboard came up to him and said "Hi, can you hlp m. I sm to hav lost on of my kys."
duckfield: the e!
MaFishes42: and the first keyboard says "Wow, me too! Im Herbert, you are you?"
MaFishes42: "Im Gorg"
duckfield: haha
MaFishes42: "Hi eore!"
MaFishes42: "Hi rbrt!"
duckfield: the first keyboard should have been named ernie
MaFishes42: "Sorry about the typos"
MaFishes42: "Yah, w suck."
MaFishes42: So the two new best-keyboard-friends went off together to go find their missing keys!
MaFishes42: They then happened upon a cave. "Hy look! A cav!" said George
MaFishes42: "thats reat" said Herbert
MaFishes42: So they two journeyed inside, into the unknown, together, spacebar in spacebar.
duckfield: lol
MaFishes42: And you can you guess what they found in there?
duckfield: their keys?
MaFishes42: No, they journeyed and entered a large cavern.
MaFishes42: And in the middle of the cavern... was an...
MaFishes42: egg.
MaFishes42: "e!"
MaFishes42: "gg!"
duckfield: haha
MaFishes42: They both exclaimed.
MaFishes42: So then george, used larry (a stick they found), to smash open the egg.
MaFishes42: And inside was a large grasshopper, that was holding thier keys.
MaFishes42: The grasshopper jumped out and started hopping away.
duckfield: uh oh
MaFishes42: "A rasshopper!" exclaimed Herbert
duckfield: you know theres trouble when grasshoppers come out eggs
MaFishes42: "Hs gtting away!" said George
MaFishes42: So the two keyboards chased him for many moons.
MaFishes42: Bu it was to no avail...
MaFishes42: for the grasshopper was too quick.
MaFishes42: they tried to use the internet to buy new keys, but they didnt know any websites, and neither of the mcould type google
duckfield: how did the grasshopper carry both of their keys?
MaFishes42: by holding them...
duckfield: but then how did he hop?
MaFishes42: with his feet...
duckfield: ok
MaFishes42: So then the keyboards went to alison to seek her sagely advice.
duckfield: not me right?
duckfield: cause i dont spell my name like that
MaFishes42: No, alison is a 24 inch monitor
duckfield: ok
MaFishes42: So they went to Alison to ask for advice... and she told them that they had no need of their old keys
MaFishes42: And she taught them ways to pleasure mice wit hthier cords... that they had never thought possible
duckfield: haha
MaFishes42: So Herbert went home to his mouse and they made beautiful input signals together.
MaFishes42: The end.

Sunday, January 26, 2003