Here are some Limericks I wrote

a few of em are good.

There once was a guy in a boat
Whose hobby it was to deep throat
But he deep throated Kevin
So now he's in heaven
And a trophy was made of his scrote

There once was a lass name 'the ass'
The stares would follow her pass
Till a boy about thirty
Said 'hey, you're really purty'
And those foul words were his last

There was a young man named bill
Who feasted on nothing but krill
For he had heard on a show
That a whales dick, ya know
Was so goddam big it could kill

There once was a young girl named Car
Who sported an interesting scar
When asked why its there
She flipped her cute hair
And responded "I wanted it harder"

There was a young girl name of Jill
Who desired to have a quick thrill
So she went to the corner
To see who would bone her
And it was me with my infinite skill

There was a guy who went out with Kim
And he thought he would easily win
A night with much pleasure
But instead of that treasure
He went home and jacked off on a whim