I do not know what's wrong or right
I wish someone would help me
But then what would be the point
I don't think I would be free

I need to answer this stuff on my own
This isn't courage or brav'ry
I need to fix my own frayed ends
How can you possibly see?

So when I go ahead and fall
Because I could not foresee
The fallacy of, my well laid plan
This wont be very easy


4/2/03 Right when I got up

I think the rhythm of lines 1,3,5 and so on is Iambic tetrameter, and the other lines are Iambic trimeter with the last two syllables said together. Oh yeah, and just so you know: the title manual is a double entendre, becuase I want a manual for my life, and I have to run my life manually.