Slips Away

Slowly it collapses
I watch it in my mind
My feelings crumble quickly
Yet slower all the time

I watch it happen slowly
Every detail crisp and clear
So slowly it collapses
The worst of all my fears

I see it in your face
The sadness in your eyes
A catastrophe in the making
An event with much reprise

I shed a tear for no one else
My sadness I share with you
I want to clear the ruble away
But that we'll never do

I feel as if I am a mite
Fighting 'gainst the world
I wish I had been stronger
For such a pretty girl


4/11/03 10:25 AM
Inspiration came for this poem, and I just started writing. The last stanza had a period change right before it, read the journal entry (friday) to get the story.
They, and by they I mean Allison, say that handwriting is more personal. So I have included a scanned image of the original work.