Jimmy's Weird Thingy

I found this in my free pad thingy.

"The question is not a question of who you are to others, but who you are to yourself."

-said by a person who has been selected to enslave you with random, meaningless, useless quotes said by people no one has heard of (which is contradictary, within itself, due to the undeniable fact that the person who said this is in an unidentifyable viscious circle of retoric.) Ergo, the previous comments are entirely irrelevent, and should not be considered logical, and, in all probability, written by a happy little monkey. I conlude my statement with this: If I, an unidentifyable person were to have made such accusations as illogical doings to another unidentifyable person, within the same brainstorm, wouldn't one suspect the fact that the illogical person is the one writing the words you are seeing right now. In that case, I am refering to myself in the third person. So, I could speak to myself using such fictional words like syntactical. Syntactical, in my own little bizzaro world, might mean something like: the lack of syntax, grammatical error, or, complete stupidity. Complete stupidity might by defined by a person who has actually followed me to the end long enough to realize the full potential of my senslessness, and your bordem. Thereby redering both of us, myself, and you, the reader, left to be judged based on the result of what we have learned here today. Who likes to be judged though: The question is not a question of who you are to others, but who you are to yourself.


Jimmy what the hell was that all about dam you have alot of time


Thank you Steven. you should have seen Adam and I's conversation. It had everything from binary talk to string ensembles.


Hey man, it looks good on paper. Maybe something like "The conversation Adam and I had." Would that work for you?!

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