Why Men Hate Sluts

Everyone has heard it: "When a woman sleeps around everyone calls her a slut! But when a man sleeps around he is a god! Its unfair boo hoo" Sure it's a double standard, but there is a good a logical reason behind it (well, as logical as reasoning about human emotion can be anyway).

Men like to compete. Men compete in everything they do. If my buddy is next to me at a red light… I have to try and go faster. If my buddy gets a high score in Tetris, I have to get a higher one. If his socks smell, mine have to be smellier. Not only do men have to compete in everything, but the things they like to do they compete even more fervently in. So, what do most men like to do more than anything else? Why get laid of course! So what would men love to compete with their buddies in? Getting laid.

So, there are of course different ways to compete in getting laid… how many times the chick orgasms, how quickly you got her to do it, but the most important (because unlike the others it is impossible to exaggerate other than all-out lying) is who you got. This is where becoming a slut ruins the game. It's like cheating. Nobody wants to brag about getting the slut at school… there's no point… everybody has gotten her. Not to mention a large part of competing is using all your skill to accomplish the goal and overcome a challenge. Men want to be challenged after a while. Sure easy girls are ok… but after a while it just gets boring.

It's sort of like someone looking at your cards and then going and telling the other people your hand. It just ruins the game so much so that it's no fun to play anymore. It doesn't really matter if you win or not; the game has just lost its fun.

Other than a few things growing from that initial idea (the idea of acceptance from a girl meaning more when she hasn't accepted anyone else and so forth) so concludes my theory on why men hate sluts. However, I have an idea why girls hate sluts too… so I'll put it up here, but I'm not a girl so I don't really know.

Who wants to play an easy game? Well, no one really. So when chicks are sluts men get bored and don't really feel like competing anymore. When this happens they won't even compete for the hard chicks as much. The prize just loses its worth when it's easy to get. Even if a girl is 20% hotter, the other girl might be 50% easier. So it's really not worth the man's time to go after the hard one, it's the law of diminishing returns. Also, if a man is used to getting easy chicks, he won't want to switch to actually having to make commitments and such, he will get lazy.

This leads to a society of men who don't really care about women and are too lazy to go after non-sluts. Thus, the business model of the non-slut is ruined. That's why women hate sluts, they are stealing their business. That's probably also why men are called assholes and idiots, because they get what they want from the easiest resource. Funny how economics defines so much of this…

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