There’s always that one guy in class that everyone seems to know. The one that always speaks his mind and doesn’t care about what other people are thinking. The one that does what makes him happy, no matter what stands in his way. The one guy that has a dream that can’t be broken. The one that makes life seem simple just because he enjoys it so much. That guy is Adam Cole.

Cole, a tall, slender, bleach blonde headed kid was born in Mountain View, California and spent the first eleven years of his life in Milpitas. Growing up in a Jewish home, he was born and raised a vegetarian. He attended a private Jewish school for seventh and eighth grades. He was one of eight graduating eighth graders in his class. He is currently seventeen years old and technically a high school senior. He is attending middle college at the present at San Jose City College, in which he attends both high school and college classes all at San Jose City.

If ever there was a true American family, it is the family of Adam Cole. His parents are still together and both working. His mother is the head of Information and Technology (IT) at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Space, and his father owns his own business. Adam says that his parents were his true influence growing up. They inspired him to do what makes him happy and to always do what he wants the most. He has one younger sister and at the age of fourteen she is a true dancer. “She takes 17 dance classes a week!” says Cole. This family is nothing short of the ideal American Family Unit.

Cole himself is a true American boy. He spends most of his time on the computer playing games and having fun. His love of computers has been a part of his life “as far back as I can remember” states Cole. As an active HalfLife and Counterstrike player, Cole spends a lot of time doing what most other American boys do, killing cyber people, and enjoying it in the process. Being such a computer fanatic, I asked him what was his inspiration for working on computers and he said, “ I love the logistics of them. Sometimes people say that computers are unreliable and illogical, when really they are the most logical things on earth.” As such a fanatic of computers, he hopes one day go to college and become an engineer. In the distant future Cole hopes to attend a college either on the East Coast or here in California. He wants to be independent but at the moment is quite dependent upon his parents for their support and love.

Cole truly has the All American Dream. His vision of the future is that of white picket fences and fresh squeezed lemonade on the front porch. Cole has already had his future wife, Kendra, chosen for a few years. He is insistent that he will marry this “pretty Jewish girl.” Cole says, “it makes me feel all fuzzy inside,” of himself sitting on his front porch with his wife, Kendra, and his one daughter playing on the grass in front of their house. For this seventeen year old, his hopes for the future are bright and certainly attainable. Dreams never die for Adam Cole, he just sits back and thinks of his future wife and that simple thought compels him to do what he wants in life, and to never look back and say “what if.”

-Jill Foley

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