A Red Hot Review of the Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Red Hot Chili Peppers did not disappoint in their latest tour offering this Sunday at the Arco Arena.
The only failure of the night was the Pepper's horrible pick for an opening band. The Flaming Lips gave a downright pathetic performance. Crowding the stage with giant stuffed animals and yelling into a megaphone did not rile the crowd in the way lead singer, Wayne Coyne, struggled to. He tried so hard to be cool and different that somewhere along the way he lost whatever ill-conceived ideal he had. He strives to be different and weird simply to be unusual, with no regard to taste or style. A far cry from the overcrowded Flaming Lips stage, the near empty stage of the Red Hot Chili Peppers reeked of style and of a veteran band that knows how to rock! Seldom speaking, the Peppers rocked through the night with a strong collection of new material from their latest album, By The Way, as well as old favorites. The thousands in attendance all felt the same nostalgia during Otherside as old memories and emotions came flooding back. The explosive energy of others, like The Zephyr Song, had everyone singing along with every word. The show may not have sold out, but the energy of the crowd more than made up for that.
In this emotional rollercoaster of a show there was a profusion of energy flowing into the audience from the four on stage. During songs like Around the World or Can't Stop, the whole audience was dancing in front of their seats and jumping up and down in time to the music. The whole arena reverberated with the bass from the music as it pulsed and vibrated through the crowd. The band made it so easy to connect with the music, it was pure magic. Though the dominant feelings included a love for life and general happiness, at least one girl felt it in a slightly more specific way: "I love [Anthony Kiedis], his singing makes me horny"
All in all it was an incredible experience from an incredible band; just lose the lips guys.

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