Scared of Sex

Alright, well, I was in my argumentation class and we were talking about censorship of things and I think I had a minor epiphany as to why we censor sex and not violence. Violence is something that nobody (except those who are really sick) ever wants to do for no reason. So when a person watches a fictional character get his head blown off by the muscle laden hero in the latest action flick, they can easily say to themselves "That's not me!" However, when someone watches something very sexual on the TV, they want to do that too. They have been raised to think it's a bad thing though so it scares them that they might be a bad person. They can't look at two people having sex and think "Well, I know that isn't me!!!" They want it. They know they want it, and they think that's bad. And that's why it scares the shit out of them.

-Adam M. Cole
10-03-03 9:22

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