This part of the website will be updated with my rants and other things that I feel I need to talk about. Hopefully it will be funny. But Im not garunteeing anything. Oh, also, these are usually written in anger and dont necesarilly reflect my true opinion.

I Don't Like Black Culture (2-17-04)

They Can't Drive (2-10-04)

Men Should Team Up (1-24-04)

Religion (11-22-03)

Proud Bitches (10-26-03)

My Website Rawks (10-13-03)

Growing Up (8-31-03)

Najia (8-13-03)

Jesus Stickers (6-23-03)

People (5-25-03)

Sex (4-22-03)

Censorship (3-30-03)

I Don't Deserve This (3-28-03)

Allison (3-23-03)

People Do Not Know How To Drive (3-7-03)