March 07, 2003 People do NOT know how to drive

OK, were going to start with a (hopefully) short rant!

Okee dokee, so my dad asks me to go to blockbuster to get a movie. Now I know this will most likely end up in disaster since every time I go to this blockbuster something bad happens. Last time every little thing that could go wrong did, and to top it all off, when I got home I had a flat tire. Another time I went, and forgot the movie I was supposed to return. The blockbuster is cursed!

Anyway, the crap that went on today was in the parking lot, to help you get a visual, I have drawn a small picture of this part of the parking lot and I will include an aerial shot of the entire parking lot:

OK, so I'm coming down the road from the lower left (the two green boxes are me), and I go to turn into this part of the parking lot, and lo and behold, there is, of course, some idiot (red arrow) trying to pull out that way. They even drew arrows on the ground, showing you which way you are supposed to go, but that obviously doesn't matter to this guy! So I floor it and go across the spaces as to avoid him. So, there is some crap in this little parking lot, it's like a Porta-Potty and some other thing. Anyway, so I'm driving out, and some stupid bitch is driving across the spaces in her big F*CKING SUV (blue arrow), headed right for me (the green box is me again). I can't move more to the left because id hit the crap, so I just have to hope she looks down enough to see my car. Luckily she did, and like a moron gets scared and jerks her car away to avoid me. Neither of these was that big of a deal, but if people just followed the damn rules and used some common sense, we wouldn't get into these situations. Oh yeah, and some ass in a mini-pick-up-truck that sounded like jet engine was driving slowly in front of me. Yes, his car even sounded like a jet engine speeding up from 15 to 25.

On the upside, they let me rent 'Road to Perdition' which is an R movie. I didn't know I could rent R movies, great time to find out, three weeks before it wont matter anymore.