Sunday, March 30, 2003 Censorship

OK guys. Seriously. I HATE this one. I hate the entire idea of stopping other ideas. I'm going to start out by ranting about one of the worst and silliest censorshipee's. Swearing. Call it what you want, the idea that some words are 'bad'. Who came up with this incredibly stupid idea? Huh??? Who the fuck thought it was a good idea to designate some of the words of the English language as wholly bad. I'm going to include 'racial slurs' in this category too. I really see nothing wrong with calling a black guy black, or a nigger for that matter. They call me white all the time! I only take offence at it because of their incredible ego and hypocrisy, and I usually don't take offense. OK, so back to regular fucking swearing. The word to end all words: fuck. Now how on gods green earth was THIS word chosen for the prestige of being the worst swear word of them all. It's the king curse. I don't get it, fucking is one of the most awesome things ever! It is the beginning of life, it is one of the most intimate and beautiful things people can do together. So why is this apex of feeling, this creator of life, shunned as a 'bad' word and used with complete disregard by sailors and teenagers? Let's look at some other words: Bitch - Awww, come on! It's a dog… AND it's a girl, which must somehow be bad. Bastard - This one just doesn't make any sense. So what the kid doesn't have married parents, it's not like he got to chose 'em. OK, so I know there are more, but I don't feel like going into ALL of them. The point is all these words are not inherently bad. They have been somehow instilled with this reputation of being 'bad' by society for absolutely no reason. The racial slurs too, just because someone else called you that and hated you, doesn't mean I hate you too, get over it (this of course excludes the racial slurs that suggest a race of having an undesirable trait or mean something specifically bad, like 'Camel Jockey' or 'Rag head'). Ok, so on to censorship as a whole. The largest and worst use of censorship is withholding information from children. This is just plain silly. The idea that children shouldn't be allowed to hear certain words or see certain things. I see absolutely no reason why a five year old cant watch a man and a woman having sex with the woman shouting things like "Fuck me! Fuck me now! Holy shit that feels so good! Harder harder!" In fact, I think it is unhealthy to purposefully and actively censor your kids in this way. It is a pathetic attempt by people to try and get rid of things they don't like by ignoring them. And in the case of sex it isn't even a bad thing!!! It is a really great and special amazing thing! I don't even see why a kid shouldn't see someone getting killed. Maybe if at a young age they see someone die, and then all the horrible emotion attached to it and feel the loss, they won't want to kill people anymore. Maybe if little Johnny Rapist saw a girl getting raped when he was younger he wouldn't have done it later in life. Now, I am definitely not saying we should actively pursue watching these types of things, but I don't see any reason to actively avoid them either. Kids shows on TV shouldn't always end with "Today the rabbit was lucky, but who knows what will happen the next time" Now, I am not saying that censorship in and of itself is a bad thing. It is a powerful and complex tool, it is just being wielded like a sledgehammer instead of the precision tool it needs to be. There are some things that need to be kept from people: battle tactics, passwords, and things like that. And if censorship is phased out, it will be eventually completely and utterly phased out. The more we know about each other and other things in the world, the more we will love and understand each other. We won't need to fight wars anymore, because we will respect everyone. So we won't need to keep battle tactics secure. People won't need to hide things from each other anymore, because there won't be social taboos. There is a reason for everything people, so the things people do that they don't want others to know about will be respected and understood by all. We won't need passwords anymore either because people will know that it is wrong to steal. Why do you need a lock if no one is going to try and break into your house? Why do you need a password to your ATM account if no one is going to steal your money? So why don't we have this perfect society? Because people hide things from each other. They censor words, ideas, actions, and feelings. That is why I am a very open, honest, and trusting person. I am doing my part. And let me tell you, it's damn hard. But at least that I know that I am doing my part to contribute to the perfect society, where no one goes hungry, everyone works for the greater good, and no one ever tries to kill anyone else. The truth will set you free.

Forgot to mention: I hate when things are bleeped out too. We all know what they said!