February 17, 2004 I Don't Like Black Culture

Ok, this may come off as a bit racist, but I really don't think it is. I hate cultures. Now, when I refer to these cultures, I usually refer to the race that that culture was either originated from or have the most people practicing it right now. Sometimes I may even refer to that race, but I don't really mean that they are all like that. I mean that the great majority of that type of people usually, or at least the majority that I've met, are. I don't think this is racist. I judge every individual as that, an individual, and don't assume that they fit their stereotypes for how they look. There, that's my disclaimer and I'm stickin to it!

I hate the black culture. It is one of the most selfish, uncaring, pathetic, and just downright stupid cultures there is. These people boggle my mind. I can't believe they don't fall down more. The first thing I'd like to talk about is language. Now, I've already previously discussed this in my Asians can't drive rant, but I think I'd like to go into a bit more detail. The word gangster has been ruined. It used to be a damn cool word. The real Gangsters were ass kicking mother fuckers who would kick the ass of any 'gangsta'. Lets look at a few of the greater differences between the two.

The mafia and mob gangsters controlled citys. They owned where they were. They had most of the local business under their thumb, and owned the cops. Entire cities were their territory and they controlled the movement of goods all over the world. Now, can the ganstas of today claim that? No! They are pathetic. The best they can do is run down poor neighborhoods until they are so bad that the cops don't want to go there because it isn't worth their time or effort. They think they are so bad-ass that their neighborhood is so low class, but it's really kind of pathetic. It isn't impressive that the cops don't want to go into your neighborhood… I wouldn't want to go into a neighborhood with a bunch of idiots with guns either.

And what do they call these run-down low-class neighborhoods that they create? Ghettos. Yeah, uh-huh, right. Bullshit. A ghetto is a place that is created by a third party. Yours was created by yourself, so really, STFU.

Oh yeah, and what the hell is up with this promiscuous fat woman with an attitude bullshit??? No, you are not sexy. I don't want a piece of that. You are ugly. You're also unhealthy. When you are that big there is something wrong. Maybe you like to eat. I like to drive fast and zip in and out of cars. I can hold myself back, you can too. I don't care if you have a good self image, I don't like looking at you. And hearing you yell at me for the most trivial bullshit is also annoying. Especially things like yelling at me because I complained to my friend aloud that you CUT IN FRONT OF ME. Don't get pissed off because you're a dumb-ass who can't tell the spot in front of me from the back of the line. Alright alright, admittedly this paragraph also applies to ugly people in general, but the Fat Black Female with an attitude seems to be the worst.

Ok, no rant on black culture would be complete without a small section dedicated to rap. Now, I won't go so far as to say that it isn't music and blah blah blah. But this is serious crap. Now, the reason most of this rap is crap is because of the people singing it. They sing about stupid things and take themselves way too seriously. Rock stars have been getting money women, and generally way more possessions than they deserve for ages now. It's nothing new. Singing about it only show how generally poor you are. All the music is so utterly low-class and base that's it is astounding people listen to it. Though I suppose it is just low class and base people that do listen to it.

I think I just stumbled on to the point of my rant. Black culture is low class. That's all it is. The only problem is, with an extremely large class and the new consumerism around the world, its allowing this ever more degraded and lower class to come to the surface more and more. To the point where it has started to corrupt the classes above it. This is sad. *sigh* Eventually the world will wake up. Eventually when all our morals and customs have been washed down the drain people will wake up and remember why we had them in the first place. This self-serving culture can only last so long before it collapses on itself. And there I will be. Shaking my head and smiling inwardly, knowing I was right.

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