Sunday, August 31, 2003 Growing Up

It isn't half of what it's cracked up to be! Why the fuck is everyone in such a goddam hurry to do it??? I am so tired of everyone I know getting themselves into more and more adult things. These adult situations aren't freaking cool. Why can't we just keep playing video games and just hanging out? Why do we need to add all these drugs and sex and alcohol and a million other things that make us just grow up faster. I don't want to leave school. I don't want to get a job. I don't want a wife and a car and a house and a child. Not that I don't ever want those things… in fact, I greatly desire to have them at some point in my life, but now is not the fucking time. I love my innocence. However, I feel like I'm holding on as hard as I can but it's being ripped away from me. My dad once told me that your life ends when your friends start getting married. I think there is another point of it ending it too. Sometime near the end of high school (or sooner for too many people) your childhood ends. If life is lived in stages, then there's gotta be a childhood stage, teenage stage, and adult stage (not that there aren't more but I'm concentrating on those three). Your childhood you had no responsibility, you got taken care of, that's cool, but I think I'm mostly done with that. The teenage stage you get to prove you can handle things, while still being allowed to have all kinds of fun. The adult stage sucks: all kinds of responsibility with fun taking a backseat to work and responsibility. Thusly, I think the teenage stage would have to be the best of both worlds. So why aren't we trying to prolong this wonderful stage of life rather than shortening it? Everyone is so rushed to start their life, ignoring the wonderful time they have right there in front of them. It saddens me.