Monday, June 23, 2003 Stupid Freaking Jesus Stickers!

So I'm driving along, having just visited my local Taco Bell for some tasty afternoon tacos, when my wandering eyes happened across a bumper sticker. This bumper sticker read "Don't Worry: God will take care of it" and was accompanied by two I heart Jesus stickers. I searched in vain for a hint of irony, any sign that this might be some sick cruel joke, but alas, I found none. And as my mind started to slowly grasp that the driver of this vehicle indeed felt this way, I heard the voice in my head say: "I feel a rant coming".

And boy was that voice ever right! I don't even know where to begin. Ah, I know. I hate people who seem to think that their religion is the best thing in the whole fucking world, and want to impress upon everyone around them all the time how great it is. This includes a number of things that these "people" will do. The short off the top of my head list includes, but is not limited to: wearing crosses, displaying god related bumper stickers (unless of course said bumper sticker is ridiculing the crappy people and/or god), swearing by Jesus' name, thanking god for personal achievement, asking people to join in prayer for things, and god related t-shirts (sometimes these can be the worst). They are all disgusting and horrible practices. So needless to say, I find three jesus stickers on the back of one's car, that were put there quite shoddily I might add, to be very representative of one's character. Why do I care so much you might ask? Because every time I see something like this my hope for humanity takes a minor blow. I care about all you people, I really do. And I want every one to be happy, and informed, and intelligent. So why must people hurt themselves by believing in such ridiculous lies??? Every time I see one of these things I have to rethink how the majority of the population actually truly believes, that there is some bug magical THING that exists somehow, that is controlling everything. I have to be reminded that most of the population would and do trade their logic and reasoning for comfort. Wearing these things and displaying these slogans only further indoctrinates and embeds these false and disgusting beliefs into our society. There are two things a person can do that are worse than actually believing this crap: the next worse is annoying/ridiculing/hurting/killing someone else because of said beliefs, and the absolute worst is spreading the disease.

So on to the actual message displayed by the bumper sticker: Why worry? God will take care if it. What a horrible fucking message! I could see how someone could easily skip over the implications of such a philosophy, but with a little thought I think it's pretty obviously a villainous message. Global warming? Who cares? Landfills filling up? Good thing God will empty them. Terrorists committing mass murders in other countries? Not my problem. What kind of fucked up irresponsible outlook on life is that? It's basically saying that we don't have to give a fuck about anything because god will take care of it. Well now I won't have to wear a condom anymore because if God wants me to have a kid I will and if he doesn't I wont! Let's even pretend that god exists for arguments sake. Do you really think he takes care of shit on an individual basis? Like he's looking at just me right now and wondering whether I should die or not? Not only that, but you are still in charge of what happens in your life! Things don't just happen, you have to go out and change them for yourself. If your life sucks, you need to be the one to go and fix it. God doesn't give a flying fuck of you if you just sit there inanimate, not doing things to improve your situation. Okay, I'm done pretending God exists, that gave me a headache. Since he doesn't exist, the sticker makes no sense what-so-ever. I can't even keep ranting about it, it just seems like such a simple concept that it does not require much to disprove it. I hate that these stupid people exist. I wish they would all go away. They hurt me by existing. Their mere presence in the world makes me want to cry. It's people like this who ruin the world. They really do. Go away stupid people. Just… go away!