Tuesday, April 22, 2003 Sex


What do you think about when you see that word? I know it brings a flood of ideas and emotions to my head when I see it. I'm going to try and write down some of that. And since my default writing is complaining, it should be fairly rantish. A lot of my viewpoints contradict each other. This won't make sense. I guarantee it. Oh, and if you disagree with something, read all the way through. My position (haha, get it???) changes.

Wouldn't it be cool if sex had absolutely no emotions attached to it what-so-ever? I think that would be kick ass. Imagine just being able to walk up to any random person and saying "Sex me up, now". And you would just fuck, right then and there. I mean, I've never done it, but with the way the majority of people have described it with me, it feels really goddam good. So if we all fucked all the time, we would all get amazingly good at it, and the world would be happy because any time you wanted you could go have instant, no strings attached, no hangover the next morning, happiness. Not only that, but it's free! It's not like going to the movies: that costs money! And sex is better then some stupid movie. So why aren't we all just in some constant orgy of sexual fun? I think it's because people are afraid. Sex feels so good that it overwhelms them and they can't control themselves the way they usually do. Sex is too personal. You open yourself up completely to another person. That's dangerous… what if the person doesn't like what they see? That could lead to mockery and rejection! Oh no! Pooooooooor baby. In fact, I could see uber-free love fixing a lot of the world's problems. Think about it, you are much more likely to share what you've had right after you just got laid. Who wants to go to war when they are getting head? Seriously. Who wants to bomb shit when you can screw instead? I think the whole world would be happier if we all just fucked all the time. Screw marriage. Not saying you wouldn't get married, but sex would just happen with everyone still. I think this would be good for everyone but the entertainment industry. Who would pay for entertainment anymore? Everyone would be happy, and everyone being happy is a definite good in my book.

OK, that was one way of thinking, here's another. Sex is something sooooo special. Why do people toss it around as freely as they do? I mean, I'm just as horny as the next guy, maybe hornier, but I restrain myself goddamit! People only see it for the physical joy it gives. And I will admit, that feels extremely good (well, at least what I've experienced of it), but the emotional part seems like it should be so much better! Think about it: Casual sex is cool, you meet some stranger, there is the thrill of not really knowing each other, and messing around and then fucking and it feels GREAT. So you have some quick, clean, fun. But think about doing it with someone you love! You haven't done it too many times, so everything is new and feels good, you've been thinking about it for weeks or months with this person, for years in general, you slowly start to explore every inch of their body, you love them, your head is swimming with excitement, anticipation, and just a general blissful feeling, I can almost imagine the moment right before, I look into her eyes, the thoughts going through my head… a pure rush, then afterwards its all I can think about for days. Isn't that worth waiting for??? I mean c'mon people! It's not like I'm saying abstain or some bullshit like that. I don't plan on abstaining at all. But doesn't it make sense to wait for someone you love? I really can't imagine having sex with more then about 10 girls in my lifetime. Seriously. And I'm hoping the actual number will be closer to four (the first one, the one threesome that I will be able to remember in my old age and smile, and the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with). People who can't wait are weak. They aren't strong enough to say no. They aren't strong enough to hold off just a little bit until the right time. Even if they think they want to, they don't. They are too weak to face their problems in life and try to compensate with sex.

And here's a very short one: It's just fine the way it is. Stop complaining you losers. It's everyone's choice and if you don't like it, then fuck off. You say you would only marry a virgin? Fine, then marry a virgin, I'm not stopping you. If she fucked someone it's her fault, not yours. Why does everyone think they know what is best for everyone else?

OK, and this is a little off topic, but I want to include it anyway. I don't understand why some guys won't eat a girl out. This really pisses me off. They will force a girl to deep throat their tiny little dicks, but then they feel so inadequate that they won't even return the favor. Its so insanely hypocritical, not to mention the fact that it's fun! I mean, hearing a girl moan and say things like "Fuu-uuuUUuu-uck me E EEeeE" really makes me feel good about myself. Not to mention that it just feels cool in general. It definitely isn't a bad experience. Yeah… sooo… EAT HER YOU STUPID MOFO!!! I don't understand why there are things people 'wont do'. It just doesn't make any sense to limit your options like that. Well, ok, I guess I wouldn't want to take it in the ass… but most of the other stuff I don't see why people wouldn't do. Ok, so maybe this isn't making very much sense… but I was told some guy didn't want to have his neck sucked on… WTF??? I can't imagine zoning part of my body as off-limits. Except maybe the ass… ok, so I'm a hypocritical bastard. Sue me.

Looking back on this rant, I have to say the second opinion is my main opinion. Woohoo for being a hopeless romantic.