1-24-04 Men Should Team Up
Girls. Girls piss me off. So many of them are so fucking stupid. They have all kinds of problems and shit and other crap and I think they are what plague the male life. Life would be so much simpler without them. They even know it. They know that they fuck things up yet they continue to do it. I see a problem here: girls (and women) are highly desirable, but are hard to get. Whats the solution? I don't know. But I know what one of the many problems is: boys. We are fucking stupid. Now, I don't mean stupid like how girls continually tell us we are, stupid like WTF are we thinking we are better than this!

Think about it! What are males good at? TEAMING UP AND KICKING ASS!!! That's what! And you know what? It's a good thing for girls that we haven't figured this out yet. Instead of teaming up and working together to get what we want from girls, we fight over them. There is no reason to. We all pretty much know which girls we can get and which ones we cant. And you know what? They want us. Whether men realize it or not girls want them just as much as they want girls. So why are we fighting over them? It doesn't make any fucking sense. You know what we need to do? Starve them out. Give em a taste of their own medicine. They are weaker then us when it comes to that. If all guys stopped asking girls out all at once, they're precious little egos would crumble. Then they are all ours.

Of course we won't do this though. Who knows why? All I know is men could have whatever they want if they were just smart enough to team up for it.

Some people say women need to be the gatekeepers for sex. Well, if no one is storming the gate, then they'll get bored or curious and wander away… leaving it wide open for whoever feels like walking on through.