Tuesday, February 10, 2004 They can't drive.

Asians can not drive well. There. I said it. Everyone knows it. Call me racist if you want, but it's true. From the fifty year old balding Asian lady in a 12 year old civic drifting onto the highway at 35 miles per hour, to the backwards hat punk Asian kid in his faded paint Acura with a wooden wing on the back over steering so much that his tires sqeaul, they are a race that has no fucking clue how to operate a vehicle.

Why am I so enraged??? Because I had to drive with one of these jack asses on my ride home today. I was getting onto the highway in Milpitas behind this SUV monstrosity. V8. White with Gold Lettering. So big it blocked my view of the freeway. And driven by some Asian Soccer Dad with the brain power of a newt (and I apologize to all newts for using you in this example, you guys are actually probably much better drivers). So as this moron merges onto the high way I watch as some one else had to avoid him as he went into their lane without signaling, and then as he drifted over into the fast lane cutting someone else off. I didn't want this asshole in front of me, so I maneuvered my quick little car around the lane of traffic and in front of him. While in front of him he continually let the space in between our cars grow and then quickly accelerate to fill it back up. I guess maintaining a constant speed can be a bit tough for some people.

I'm tired of excuses too. Things like they don't have as good peripheral vision, or that they are shorter, or that their culture makes females submissive. Well, then their culture makes their teenagers assholes too. Nothing is worse than a compensating Asian wanna-be bad-ass. They are the most pathetic beings I know of. There is only one type of real Asian bad-ass, and that is the super-cool Jet Li style Kung Fu bad-ass. Those guys kick ass. I wouldn't fight one of 'em if you handed me an automatic weapon and placed us on opposite end zones of a foot-ball field. Kick-you-in-the-face-faster-than-you-can-blink bad-ass. But here's a wake up call: YOU ARENT BLACK. Although even black people sort of have the 'gangsta' thing down, you Asians can't pull it off. You are small and just plain don't look menacing… even when you slick all your hair back.

Black people… stop stealing words from us. Seriosuly. I think we really need to re-claim two words in particular: Gangster, and Ghetto. First of all, a gangster is not a 23 year old black kid on a power trip; it's a 40 year old mob guy who would shoot you if you tried your Ebonics on him. Also: you do not live in a Ghetto. I know you like to think that you are really being screwed over and victimized by whitey, but you're not. You are poor and low class because you don't make all that much money and have no social skill. That's why you live in a crappy neighborhood. It isn't a ghetto. A ghetto is somewhere you are forced to go to. Not somewhere you are even sneakily coerced to go to. A good example of a Ghetto is the places that the Jews had to go during the reign of the Nazi regime. They were places that were physically separated from the rest of town. So shut up about us stealing your lame and uneducated language perversions and practice what you preach and give us our words back. No real gangster would jump around to hip hop.

So, back to the topic at hand, sorry for that little mini-rant, I'll probably write some more on that later in a different rant. I am simply sick and tired of people driving around who can't. There needs to be a better test for driving. It should be a stunt course. It should be mandatory, and there should be incredibly high penalties for if you drive without having passed it. Any idiot can follow the lines and stop at the stop signs, but it takes intellect and common sense to be able to drive in a sane way that helps the flow of traffic. Also, a stunt course with obstacles would help us better judge people who have quick reaction times so they can avoid accidents. Driving is a privilege so no whining about being such a poor driver that you cant pass the freakin' test. If you suck, suck at home or in the passenger seat, and get off our road.