10-13-03 My Website Rawks

I love my fucking website! It fucking rawks. Everyone who says differently can eat a bag of shit. It's got so many great and/or funny things. It has a hell of a lot more content than most other people's personal pages. I love just sort of looking at the old stuff I've written. A lot of it is really interesting to see the way I was thinking and what went on. The pictures are awesome too. I love looking through them because even though there are hundreds I remember exactly where each one was taken, why I felt like taking it at that moment, whose in it, what they were doing before, after, and during the shot, and anything else cool and unique about that picture. People tell me my website sucks. They say it's ugly, or that it's boring, or that it's pointless. Ya know what? Fuck you all. If you can't even find one funny thing on this site then your sense of humor is AWOL. I have fun making my damn website. Even if nobody cared and no one wanted to read it, I still would put it up!!! I have fun making it, and I have fun reading it myself. And I know that other people do too. So to all you people with no sense of humor and so little life as to criticize the way I choose to spend my time: EAT ME.